JMX Realty Group

JMX Realty began a lifetime ago, in those pre-covid days, way back in 2014. Thanks to the clear vision, and market knowledge of our founder Jonathan Makovsky, JMX has seen exponential growth, becoming a staple in the Connecticut community.
Our secret is simple, “Know Thy Market.” Our superior market knowledge enables us to find the best sales, optimally price your property, negotiate from strength, and to leverage the most profitability out of the deal on behalf of our client, whether you are a buyer, seller, renter, or developer. Staying on the cutting edge of current is our job.
Don’t be fooled, our success is largely due as well to our small-time, personal approach, and we haven’t given it up. We take pride that our clients always feel seen and heard. We keep our team tight, with only room for those that excel. That’s how we’re confident we only offer premier services to all clients.


We Do It All

Buying your home is one of the biggest transactions we make in our lives. Price tag aside, this is the place you’ll laugh, cry and live. Where you will build your memories. Your safe place. Not only do we understand the weight of this life choice, we have the knowledge applicable to assist you in making the best decision.
It is with this deep understanding of the buyers plight, that we are so capable of assisting sellers. Comprehension of the buyers needs enables us to fulfill those needs when marketing a house for sale.


Yep, We Develop Also

As realtors that are constantly on top of the Connecticut market, we see everything. However, seeing everything isn’t the same as having Vision. Don’t worry, we’ve got that too. Sometimes an undervalued property isn’t up to the standard of how clients, however with Vision, we unlock all the potential in the property. Once we’ve unlocked the potential, we just slip back on our “Broker Hats”, and complete the deal. It sounds pretty straightforward, but that’s what we do, we make complex processes simple.

Rent & Operate

Property Management

With all the knowledge of real estate we have, combined with our phenomenal team that always genuine and courteous, it was a no-brainer to enter into the world of Property Management as well. To us it's all the same, hear the client, use our extensive knowledge to provide the best service available. We take the responsibilities we have to our tenants very seriously. Our phones are managed 24/7, and we are constantly thinking of ways to make our properties even nicer and more comfortable. Modern and staying up to date is part of our job. We have properties in .............